Cole Hanson

Why Cole’s Camp? Here’s Why.

My name is Jay T. Hanson, and on June 30, 2012, our family became a member of the club nobody wants to be a member of, that club being parents who have lost a child.

We lost my oldest Son, Cole J Hanson to an accidental drug overdose. I cannot put into words the pain we feel everyday, and how much we miss him. Those of you who have lost a child know exactly what we are feeling, and I am so sorry for your loss. Cole was 18 yrs old by a few weeks, when we lost him. He had battled his addiction and tried so hard to quit.

Finding Help For Kids With Addictions

I remember how hard it was to find help for kids with addictions. In our case the help we could locate was usually out of state, or too expensive or both. It is for these reasons I have stated above and in honor of Cole’s fight, that we have started, a nonprofit camp that we will be building in each of the 50 states to help kids with addictions.

Cole’s Camp To Help Kids Overcome Addictions

These camps will be geared just for kids with addictions. We want to build Coles Camps in all 50 states, so as to help Parents defray the cost. We also want it to be the gold standard in helping kids, similar to the Mayo Clinic in healthcare.

I realize this is a tall task, but I think, I know, we can do it with everyone’s help. We MUST. We cannot lose any more of our kids to these addictions. Cole loved the outdoors and was an avid fisherman. We often talked of fishing together in tournaments. With this in mind, I will be fishing the National Walleye Tour this next year for Cole’s Camp to raise awareness across the country.

If you have a child with an addiction, or know a child battling an addiction, we are here to help you, and HELP is on the way.

Jay Hanson is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation registered with the IRS.

Cole Hanson